Second Chance Church To Launch THIS Sunday

Dec 1, 2017

Yep - you read that correctly, this coming Sunday will be the official launch of Second Chance Church...

...sort of...

...while we do not have a location, staff or volunteers as of yet--we do have an incredible platform known as the World Wide Web...

...and so this Sunday at 1:00pm on I will be preaching a message on Facebook Live from my personal Facebook Page. 

During the month of December I will be doing messages on my personal Facebook page; however, after about a month or so I will be putting the messages on the Second Chance Facebook Page - so, go make sure to "like" the church page ASAP.  

The messages will not be very long - my hope and prayer is I can begin to cast vision, encourage...and that all of us will take steps forward in our walk with Jesus. 

I am SUPER excited about this message for this coming Sunday as we will be diving into, "So, I Screwed Up--Now What?" 

If you know someone who needs to be encouraged and/or challenged with this word - then invite them to join us at 1:00 this Sunday (and...if you can't join us live you can always go back and watch the replay!)  

(AND...btw...for those who have asked about giving to Second Chance Church, we are officially a non-profit organization and you can begin investing in this movement by going to the Second Chance Website and clicking on the "give" button in the upper right hand corner.)