Ever Struggle With Money?

  • Have you EVER freaked out about a money issue?  
  • If you are married...have you EVER had an argument about money (money problems are the #1 reason listed for divorce in the US)?  
  • Have you ever thought that just a little more money would solve all of your problems?  
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by debt?  
  • Would you like to have more money than you ever thought was possible?  

The Bible has SO MUCH to say about the subject of money, more than on the subjects of faith and prayer combined!  And, when we apply what God's Word says in our lives we will discover a level of financial freedom that we never dreamed was even possible.  

This coming Sunday (August 18) I will be teaching a FREE one hour ONLINE seminar that will deal with the questions I listed above (and quite a few other things as well!)  AND...when I say "free" I mean FREE, in other words--I'm not going to try to SELL YOU ANYTHING at the end of the presentation!  

Make plans to join us online at www.newspring.cc from 8pm-9pm. (OR...you are more than welcome to join us in the LIVE audience at our Anderson campus; Childcare will not be provided for this event & so if you have kids you will need to make arrangements for them to be put to bed so they can be up and ready for SCHOOL the next day!)  :-) 

You can find out more information about this event and a list of all the things you'll learn here.

I honestly believe this event will help SO MANY PEOPLE step out of financial slavery and into financial freedom...and because of that they will be able to do way more with their life than they ever previously imagined.  

Money is a horrible god...but it is a great servant!  

This Sunday join us ONLINE at 8pm as we dive into God's Word together and develop a plan to live financially free lives!