Pluto & Soccer

Aug 25, 2006

WOW—two posts in one day—what can I say—I got some rest last night.

First of all—I am not happy about the status of planethood being stripped from Pluto—how dare our scientists do this to that poor planet!  Besides, it was easy for me to remember this planet when we had to learn all the planets in school.  I don’t care what they say Pluto—you will always be a planet in my book! :-)

I can’t believe this—but I think I am actually going to a soccer game tonight…

First of all—I can’t watch soccer on television…I just can’t.  I tried the World Cup thing and, to be honest, I would have rather watched the Cooking Channel.


Many of the ladies who are on the CU soccer team attend NewSpring…and several of them have joined and serve each week!  (Can I just say this—these are student athletes who manage to have time to go to class, play a sport…and serve in a local church—that’s awesome!!!)  SO—in an effort to support them I believe that ‘Cretia and I are heading over to God’s country—Tiger Town—and watching them play tonight.

You see, God does work in amazing ways.  If you had asked me about going to a soccer game a year ago I would have told you to go and jump in a lake—but God is amazing and has softened my heart!  :-)  CU ladies—best of luck tonight…I will be there…and you all had better win!!!