Perry Noble Leadership Podcast Recap Part 2

Here are the August through December episodes of the Perry Noble Leadership Podcast. Incase you missed it yesterday you can go here to see the first half of 2012's podcasts.

August: 9 Leadership Struggles

Pride, people pleasing, delegation, confrontation, confidence, failure, insecurity and jealousy are all struggles common to leadership. 

September: Bonus Audio: Saving Faith

We gathered as a church for two evenings of prayer, teaching and corporate worship. This message examines the question “will Jesus save someone because of our faith?”

September: Unleash! Breaking Free From Normalcy

In Unleash!, Pastor Perry Noble challenges all followers of Christ to make a bold move by fully embracing the exciting adventure God has called us to. 

October: Vision & Volunteers

How do you know when you're doing God's will? How do you recognize or celebrate volunteers? How do you direct without delegating? Do you ever set outlandish goals? What do you do with a staff member/volunteer who always seems...

November: Surprised at Disney

We must lead with conviction, learn from our mistakes and honestly identify opportunities for improvement throughout the organization. Don't let past momentum prevent you from stepping into the future God has for your church.

December: Hype or Hope?

When you lead with hope because you know and believe that the Gospel is true, every Sunday is the best one ever!

Bonus Unleash & NLC Messages

Unleash Message #1 - Four Phrases That Need To Be In Every Leader's Vocabulary

Unleash Message #2 - Four Questions Every Leadership Team Needs To Ask

NLC - Two Things That I Am Desperately Asking Jesus For