“I Want A Divorce!”

Oct 16, 2015

Nearly every married couple I've ever spoken with who has been willing to be honest has had that thought cross their mind.  

I get it!  

Marriage is difficult.  

One bad thing leads to another, and...before too long the weight of being with another person seems like way more than you can bear.  

The easy thing is to get out, walk away and start over.  

However, I really do believe marriage is worth fighting for.  

This Sunday at NewSpring we are beginning a new series entitled, "Better Together."  

Who is it for?  

1 - Couples that have a great marriage but want it to be better.  

2 - Couples who feel like their marriage is on life support.  

3 - Couples who have separated but have not yet gone through with the actual divorce.  

4 - The man/woman who feels alone, like they are the only person who actually wants to make this work.  

5 - The single person who wants to really set themselves up for success in marriage.  

6 - The person who has been divorced, feels like "damaged goods" and has no hope for a future relationship.  

7 - The couple that is married but struggling with infertility.  

The goal of this series is to build people up, not tear people down.  

To inspire and inform, to show that God's Word really is true, can be fully trusted--and when followed can lead us down the path of an amazing relationship with our spouse.  

I hope you can come and hang out--and BRING someone with you.  It's going to be a GREAT series!