Four Things that are Essential for a Healthy Children’s Ministry

May 14, 2014

1. Clear Ministry Vision 

A clear vision that is expressed in a simple statement is an essential component of a successful children’s ministry. When volunteers, parents and kids understand the goal of the ministry, they clearly see the purpose in participating. When vision is visible, it catches on quickly. Vision is most clear when values are identified that explain how the vision is carried out.

2. Focus on Relationships

Relationships within children’s ministry are essential because they are the primary reason kids and volunteers come back week after week. A relational atmosphere can be fostered for volunteers in the time set aside before the kids arrive. A relational focus for kids comes from developing systems that place the same kids with the same leader week after week. Prioritizing relationships with kids and volunteers shows them they are a valued part of the children’s ministry!

3. Fun

Kids love fun! It’s essential to create fun ways for children to learn about Jesus! This happens by selecting age appropriate curriculum and activities that are wrapped up in a topic or theme that is relevant and kids enjoy. When children have fun at church they can’t wait to come back!

4. Eye for Evaluation

One of the ways to gain success is by failure! Having an intentional time of evaluation helps in celebrating the wins of the ministry but also in identifying the values needing improvement. The best resources for honest feedback are your volunteers, parents and kids who participate in the ministry.

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