Do You Want To Become A Better Communicator?

Oct 1, 2018

One of the things I struggled with for years was the communication aspect of my job…

Every single week I was expected to come up with something that was new, energetic and interesting…

…and often times the stress of all this drove me insane.  

UNTIL…I took some time and developed a system that allowed me to…

  • 1 - Get ahead in message preparation (which set my team up for so much success)
  • 2 - Engage with the people attending my church like never before.  
  • 3 - Experience more confidence as a communicator.  

This resource (which took me 10 years to develop) is now available here.  With this resource you will get…

  • 1 - Seven Content PACKED Videos (accessible on any device) on how to take your communication to the next level.  
  • 2 - A 50 page eBook (and an audio book on the content read by me (in my southern accent!  
  • 3 - A one hour video interview with Pastor Steven Furtick (which is SOLID GOLD) on the subject of preaching!  

And—a few more surprises/bonuses that WILL help your church grow.  

Ordinarily this resource is $199 - but for the month of October we are offering it at $149 - all you gotta do is enter the code growth18 at checkout and you will get the discount.  

Don’t wait - go here ASAP and take your first step towards getting better at preaching.