Cheap Spiritual Leaders Are An Oxymoron - Part One

Nov 10, 2010

I’ve been wanting to write this post for awhile…but haven’t because I sort of feared being misunderstood.  However, it is literally burning inside of me and I feel like I am going to explode if I don’t get this out of me.


It is quite bothersome that in church world everyone seems to be looking for a bargain or a discount…when Jesus did neither.

It has always blown my mind that every year we do an early bird registration of $39 for Unleash.  AND…every year we have a pastor or church planter call and ask for a scholarship and/or discount.  (BTW…the $39 early bird rate expires on November 30th…and we already have over 1,000 people signed up…this conference is going to sell out FAST!)

Folks…it is THIRTY NINE DOLLARS!  And please don’t hand me excuses about the economy…I know church planters and pastors and the dudes who are probably calling and asking for a discount are probably doing so from their iphone while listening to a podcast on their MAC, sitting in a Starbucks drinking a drink that they just dropped $5 for!!!

And…lest you think this is all about Unleash, it’s not.  My friend Michael Lukcrszewski (I have NEVER been able to say his last name) did a conference not too long ago for church planters…and the cost was $10!!!  TEN FREAKIN DOLLARS….and he literally had pastors call and ask for a group discount!  UNBELIEVABLE!!!  (He wrote about it here...you should read it!)

Like I said before, Jesus was not cheap!!!  HE never modeled that mindset.

  • When the crowd had over five thousand people…HE FED THEM!
  • He took care of the wine problem at the wedding celebration when they had ran out.
  • He took care of the funeral bill for the widow (think about it…she actually got to return the coffin!)  See Luke 7:11-17
  • He made sure the temple tax was paid.  (See Matthew 17:24-27)  Seriously, if ANYONE had a “right” to be exempt from the temple tax it was JESUS!

And…ultimately…He gave His life, He laid it ALL on the line.  (I am SO glad He didn’t look for a discount….actually, the enemy DID tempt him with one…don’t miss that, the enemy promises GREAT things with little or no cost, looks like being cheap is an idea that originated with him!)  See Matthew 4:8-10, satan offered Jesus a discount…and He didn’t take it!!!

Jesus said we are called to take up our cross, unfortunately too many leaders believe He has called us to take up our mattress.  It DOES cost to be a leader…and the person who is unwilling to pay the price will eventually forfeit his/her leadership.  The question we need to ask is are we going to go all out like our Savior…or are get going to see how little we can give and expect Him to bless half hearted effort?