Feb 16, 2010

OK…so here goes…

I’ve been blogging now since 2005…and it’s been a BLAST!

NO, I am NOT going to stop writing…BUT…this site is going to take a turn that I feel God has been leading me down…

#1 - I will probably not be blogging every day anymore.  This is a change that I have been feeling the Lord lead me to make…but I have been fearing it because I, at times, have allowed my identity to be in this website rather than in Him.

#2 - I will be posting to NewSpring Church more…I LOVE the church, I love church leaders and will continue to share leadership thoughts and insights as the Lord shares them with me…BUT…the PRIMARY group of people I’ve been called to lead is here at NewSpring Church, and so I will spend more time communicating on this site to the church God has me being a part of.

#3 - There is a good chance that many of my posts in the future will be one or two paragraphs at the most.

#4 - I am going to spend WAY more time in being developed as a leader rather than developing leaders.  Don’t get me wrong…I have a passion for leadership development, especially on the church level; however, God has REALLY shown me this past week that I have SO FAR to go…and the best thing I can do to develop leaders is actually share with them how HE is developing me.

#5 - I think I like twitter way better than blogging anyway.

That’s about it for now, just wanted to share the changes I feel the Lord has been leading me to make.  I’m excited about it!