Pastor P

A Letter From Pastor P To NewSpring Church

Oct 16, 2012

Howdy NewSpring Church, SIX things I want to share with you this week…(and, help me get the word out about these things!)

#1 - A HUGE thank you to Clayton King for the message this past Sunday, one that I am positive we will not EVER forget in our church.  It’s so awesome to be reminded that all that we are going through can be used by God to accomplish way more than we could ever imagine!!!

#2 - For those who missed the message or just want a recap…here it is in 10 tweets!  (I love reading this every week!)

#3 - If you did not read my post from yesterday about Jordan Snowzell (the son of Pastor Gary & Heather who spoke at NewSpring last month) PLEASE take a second and do it now, let’s do all that we can to stand with them in prayer during this extremely difficult time!  (Here is a link to the post!)

#4 - THIS SUNDAY we begin our “Eve & Adam” series…and if you are a woman (or you need more insight into women…this would be EVERY man) then you have GOT to be at church every single week as we are going to be talking about…

  • Two Lies That Women Believe (this will be the first two weeks of the series…and I really do believe that if women could get past these two lies that they would begin to live in freedom unlike anything they ever imagined could happen!)
  • Are You With The Right One?
  • Seven Questions Every Single Girl Should Be Asking!
  • Secrets Women Keep
  • Four Obstacles To Happily Ever After

It’s going to be an amazing six weeks…I can’t wait, which leads to…

#5 - One of our core values at NewSpring Church is “Found People Find People!”  And…I can promise that this series is an EXCELLENT time to invite a family member or a friend to church.  Don’t give up on them…remember God didn’t give up on you…and it was His patience (II Peter 3:9) and His kindness (Romans 2:4) that brought us to Him!!!  My prayer is that we are known for our patience and kindness!!!

#6 - A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has bought my new book, Unleash!, and has taken the time to let me know how much it has impacted you.  (Here is the website if you want more info or to order it…or you can pick up a copy at your campus this coming Sunday!)

That’s it for this week…I LOVE MY CHURCH and cannot WAIT for this Sunday!