A Few VERY Random Things…

Jan 15, 2008

It’s Tuesday…and…

  • Last night I practiced with the girls basketball team that I am the assistant coach on OUTSIDE! It was flippin’ cold…but the ladies showed determination! We have a game tonight and are currently 4-0…or is it 5-0?  UPDATE:  Just received an e-mail from “Coach Karla” that says, “we are definitely 5-0!” 
  • There is a rumor that it might snow or ice on Wednesday night/Thursday morning. For those who may live in Anderson but are not originally from the South…PLEASE stop what you are doing right now and go to Wal Mart to buy bread and milk…trust me, everyone you know is there…and they all have bread and milk in their hands.
  • God’s vision is ALWAYS better than mine! We had originally planned to do a sex series in February; however, for a solid month God kept saying, “not right now.” It frustrated me…but when I finally surrendered and said, “it’s your church, what do you want” He BLEW MY MIND with the direction He took me in—I am SUPER EXCITED about the new series beginning the second week in February.
  • Joe has started a series of posts that I believe EVERYONE needs to read concerning tax refunds.
  • Tony shared this information on his site that I was completely unaware of—WOW!
  • THIS is one of the best things in blog world I have ever read on the subject of leadership! I don’t know this guy…but I can honestly say that this blog article stretched me!

I told you my thoughts were random!