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Feb 15, 2012

You Should Probably NOT Date Her If…

A few weeks ago I did a post challenging ladies to have incredibly high standards (entitled, “You Probably Shouldn’t Date Him If…")This week I want to challenge the guys to have incredibly high standards as well. So, you probably should not date her if…

#1 – She Cries & Pouts Every Time She Does Not Get Her Way.

She will call herself “emotional;” however, reality is that she is a manipulator because she knows when she gets “emotional” that you will do whatever she wants.

#2 – She Is A Gossip.

Be VERY careful if after both of you have spent time with friends and she pretends to absolutely have a blast while with them, but the second you two get alone she begins to BLAST them by pointing out all of their imperfections and shortcomings (which is insecurity!) AND…trust me on this, if she does this to them she is very likely to one day do it to you when she gets around her friends who love to talk bad about their husbands.

#3 – She’s Lazy.

A woman who has no job, refuses to work, lives with her parents and sleeps until noon is not what the Bible describes in Proverbs 31:13-19.

#4 – She’s Needy.

If she calls you multiple times a day asking you is everything ok and you reply yes and ask why is she asking, she says, “Well, you haven’t called me.” A lady who needs you to always check in on her and call her has already placed you in the role of her functional savior… and you will be crushed under that weight!!!

#5 – She Is Neck Deep In Debt With No Plan To Get Out…And She Still Continues To Go Shopping Because “It Calms Her Down.”

Proverbs 31:16 is very clear that a godly woman is wise with her money. Everyone has made a financial mistake or two; however, if she refuses to acknowledge this and continues to dig a deeper hole then you are in trouble.

#6 – She Is Rude To You.

If she does not show you respect before you are married, then she will not be able to after you are married either.

#7 – You Can Not Fall In Love With Her Heart.

Don’t get me wrong…looks matter! Lucretia (my wife) is hot…but “hot” is not a reason to either pursue or stay in a relationship. In fact…hell is hot…so I’m not sure “hot” should be the only qualification for a future wife.

I Peter 3:1-4 talks about a woman who is beautiful!!! It’s not all about how she appears, but rather her character. If you can’t trust her completely and you begin to notice that she is not who she appears to be…you might want to call things off for a while.

#8 - Everything That Doesn’t Always Go Her Way Is Always a Crisis & Brings On A Meltdown.

If this is the case she has not fully learned to trust in the Lord…she has control issues and as long as she is “sovereign over her universe” then all is well.  This type of attitude will not lead to a healthy relationship because she will seek to control you rather than begging Jesus for Him to have His way in your life!

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