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Jun 1, 2016  |  People

Who Are Your People?

I was in a shop the other day, wearing a Clemson shirt, and looking for a new pair of shoes.  

Suddenly a guy came around the corner...a guy I did not know...a guy I don't think I have even seen before; however, he was wearing a Clemson shirt as well.  

I made eye contact and gave him a nod - he looked back at me and did the same.  

He's one of my people!  

About a year and a half ago I went to see George Strait in concert (and it was AWESOME)!  It was highly entertaining, partially because the couple behind me might have had a beer or 12, and because Lucretia and I saw another couple there and got to chat for a few minutes before they went to their seats and we went to ours.  

They are some of my people!  

One night two thousand years ago, a man was arrested, mocked, beaten and ultimately murdered.  He was placed in a tomb and left for dead. However, three days later He came back to life - and began a movement that has impacted the world.  

For two thousand years people have placed their faith in Christ, believed He is the hope of the world, have shown love and compassion when it has not been shown to them, and have sacrificed and served others expecting nothing in return.  They have taken the Good News to people who never felt like they were good enough.  

These are my people!  

And while my Clemson and George Strait people are fun to hang out (and sing) with - the PEOPLE centered around the PERSON of Jesus are the ones I am going to when I feel broken down, busted and disgusted with how my life is going.  

Life is tough at times - which is why God gave us the gift of one another.  

Sunday we are starting a brand new series at NewSpring called "These Are My People."  If you have scars from your past that you can't seem to get over, deal with extreme feelings of inadequacy or even feel the need to pretend to be someone you are not because you feel like people would turn their backs if they knew the real you...then you CAN'T MISS THIS WEEKEND!  

I love you NewSpring Church - you are "my people" (even cat lovers, Carolina fans and vegetarians!)  :-)

Sunday is going to be special.  Can't wait!  

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