Oct 5, 2006

What Do I Want?

You can tell a lot about a person by listening to them talk about what they want.  AND…coincidently, people can tell a lot about you just by listening to you talk—because what you want comes out…it’s like a fire inside of you that you just can’t hide.

I began thinking about this during my quiet time this morning, “What do I want—REALLY want?”  I thought I would make a list this morning…and I challenge you to do the same.  (I know some might not b/c this will be painful and/or challenging.)

#1 - I REALLY Want To Hear God’s Voice

Never in my life have I experienced the blessings that I am experiencing right now…and never in my life have I felt the pressure and challenges that come along with those blessings.

I have said in front of our church that NewSpring is the ONLY church I have ever pastored…and the largest church I have ever attended…and there are so many times when I feel that I am WAY over my head.  (Craig Groeschel describes them as “o crap moments”—don’t you just love that?  If you have never been at a place in your life where you said, “o crap” then you have NOT been following Jesus!)

And so…with this in mind…I am more desperate for God’s wisdom and direction than I have ever been!  My consistent prayer is, “God—please don’t let me screw this thing up!”  So far He’s been faithful…and I pray that continues.  (If you want to know how to pray for me—WISDOM & DIRECTION are what I am begging God for right now…these are EXCITING TIMES!)

#2 - I Want To Be A Good Husband

I spoke with a friend on the phone the other day who told me, “Perry, your wife NEVER needs to feel that you ministry, or anything else, comes before her.”  He’s right!

Lucretia and I have been married for six and a half years…to my knowledge she’s never considered divorce—maybe murder—but not divorce.

I want to be good to my wife.  I don’t want to be that crabby old couple who stays together just because its the right thing to do…all the while hating one another’s guts and sleeping in separate beds—or even separate rooms!

I think I am a good husband…that’s not a cocky statement…it’s just true.  BUT…the only way I know that is because I ask her how I am doing—A LOT!  She determines whether I am successful or not—Dr. Phil and Oprah have no say in this!  Please pray that I will always honor & cherish Lucretia!!!

#3 - I Want NewSpring To Continue To Reach People!  

I told the first Wednesday service last night, “You can say anything you want to about our church…but one thing you CAN’T say is that God is not working here!”

(I’ve got to say this…there are some in blog world that would say, “Just because 214 people got saved and 413 were baptized doesn’t mean that God is at work.”  Uh—yes it does!  Come on—do you really think the devil is responsible for that?  That just cracks me up!)

Anyway…we’ve seen God do some pretty amazing things over the past few weeks…but I am praying that this is just the beginning…and I really do feel that way.  I want our church to continue to reach outside the walls of this community.  I want to see this community IMPACTED for the kingdom.  I want to see stronger families…people get out from under the bondage of debt…people set free from addictions…marriages restored…the poor served…and so much more.

AND this cannot be done by a bunch of Christians who sit in a Holy huddle and discuss matters that have been argued about for hundreds of years.  Please note—when a football team forms a huddle all the crowd can see is their rear-ends.  Unfortunately—that is what the lost community sees in churches who form a holy huddle—a bunch of rear ends who claim to love God (the first most important command) but refuse to love others…unless the “others” happen to be just like them!

#4 - I Want To Be A Much Better Communicator

You might not believe this; in fact, you probably won’t—but I get nervous before I speak—and it doesn’t matter where.

When I spoke at the innovative church conference a few weeks ago I was so nervous…I thought I was going to pee my pants at one point before I got up to speak…wow…that might have been tough to explain!!!  The only way I could have gotten away with it is I could have either said, “Hey, they started doing this at Willow Creek,” or, “Rick Warren just wrote this new book called Purpose Driven Pee-Pee, I was reading it and…”

Every Sunday at NewSpring I stand on the side of the stage with my heart about to come out of my chest—begging God to please not let me say anything stupid.  (Sometimes He actually answers that request!)  I understand that I have 45 minutes to speak God’s truth and possibly impact someone’s life for eternity…I take this responsibility VERY seriously!

I am not where I need to be with my communication style—I want to improve.  I am constantly asking people I respect as communicators to listen to and evaluate me…and their feedback has proven to be so beneficial.   When a person stops trying to be better at something—that’s it—that is their wall.  I want to stretch myself in this area.

#5 - I STILL Want To Have Lunch With Bill Hybels

Can anyone hook a brother up?

Several years ago I made a list of four people I wanted to have lunch with for the purpose of asking them questions about leadership—they were John Maxwell, Ed Young, Andy Stanley, and Bill Hybels.

I’ve met with John—he now mentors me.  Ed and I have established a pretty good friendship and I have learned a great deal from him.  I have been able to meet with Andy twice this year…and the wisdom that God spoke through him has been priceless to me…

But Bill…I don’t even know how in the world to begin to try to contact him!  I would be willing to pay for the lunch—he’s Dutch, so I know that would get his attention.  I’m just saying that if anyone can arrange this…I will…uh…well…uh…I would be grateful—SO grateful!

#6 - A Jeep

Just being honest—there is NOTHING spiritual about this at first glance—but I remember when I did have a jeep one of the most relaxing things I did was take the top off of it and ride around…it was a very free feeling.

I asked Lucretia could I buy one and she said yes…as long as I could pay cash for it.  That pretty much nipped that one in the bud!!!

There are a few staff members who are quite excited about my desire for a jeep…because a year ago I wanted a motorcycle.  (They all got nervous because they know how I can get hurt just walking across the room…much less on a motorcycle!)  So pray that one day I can afford a jeep—that would be sweet!

So what about you—what do you want?  Go ahead—make a list…it will reveal a lot about who you are.

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