Oct 9, 2008

Happy Birthday, Leadership Quotes, A Cool Link And Sunday!

First of all—HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most INCREDIBLE woman on the planet!!!  Today is Lucretia’s birthday…she is, well, I’m actually NOT telling you how old she is…but I will tell you she is younger than me!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY ‘CRETIA…YOU’RE AWESOME!
I am reading a book right now entitled, “Axiom” by Bill Hybels...and I can honestly say that it is a book that I believe EVERY leader (not just in church world…EVERY LEADER PERIOD) needs to pick up.  I wanted to share two quotes that REALLY stood out to me…

“Personally, I’ve never understood inactivity.  Why a person would sit when he can soar, spectate when he can play, or atrophy when he can develop is beyond me.  I feel sure Jesus felt the same way.  A lot of adjectives might describe Jesus’ time here on planet Earth, but comatose would not be one of them.  In the span of three years in “vocational” ministry he performed dozens of miracles, healed hundreds of people, catalyzed thousands of conversions, set the stage for the most ambitious church plant in history, and died for the sins of all humankind.  He was the epotime of action oriented.”

“One of the most amazing gifts that God gives people is the ability to think creatively.  So when things get stale at a church, it is a fair bet that God is not to blame.  Usually it’s that church leaders don’t carve out enough time, establish the right environments, and teally the requisite energy to think new thoughts.”

Like I said…the book is amazing…I HIGHLY recommend it.

As far as a link…if you are a parent then you MUST read this story by Pete on his blog...it is a sobering reminder that we not only need to be aware of what we say around our kids…but what others are saying around them as well.

And finally…church this Sunday is going to be a little “different.”  Let’s just say we have a HUGE surprise in store.  Some of you will remember last year when we were doing our first Wednesday services and had Pastor Matthew Barnett in from the Dream Center.  (It was one of the most electric nights in our history!)  Well—he’s back this Sunday!  I can’t wait!!!

Seriously, this is NOT the Sunday you want to miss.  This dude is the first guy in the history of NewSpring Church to actually receive a standing ovation after he spoke.  AND…oh yeah…bring your Kleenex…AND YOUR FRIENDS who don’t know Jesus!!!   YEs, Greenville…we will be bringing it to you live!!!  Woo Hoo!!!

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