Dec 30, 2008

Top Ten Blog Posts of 2008

So here’s the post that received the most attention this past year…

#10 - A Valentines Day Rant - I am not sure what happened to me here…but I felt the need to speak about passive men, desperate women and a few other things!

#9 - Eight Years (and some advice for single guys & girls) - here is where I tell the story about how I pursued Lucretia…in a non-stalker type way…and how she FINALLY agreed to go out with me!  (THANK YOU JESUS!)

#8 - When I Saw The Blood I Freaked Out - God is teaching me SO MUCH about HIS love through Charisse…and this lesson rocked my world!

#7 - How To Pursue A Young Lady, Four Things You Should Know - for some reason when I write about relationships it seems to hit a nerve…especially when I challenge the men.

#6 - 15 Signs That You Or Your Church Lacks Vision - I think the church should have BIG VISION; after all, we have a HUGE God!

#5 - A Huge Announcement - Several hundred churches participated in ONE PRAYER last year…and this post announcing our participation received a LOT of attention.

#4 - Four Types Of Staff Member - what type are you?

#3 - Top Seven Stupid Financial Mistakes I’ve Made Part One and Part Two - I used to be the KING of stupid financial mistakes…and this blog post was a confession & also written with the hope that other people would read and NOT do the dumb things I did!

#2 - Five Things You Should Never Hear From A Staff Member - Another post on staffing that got a LOT of attention!

#1 - Attention Pastors:  Keep Your Penis In Your Pants - This was the top post by far, I received LOTS of emails on this one, MOSTLY positive…I just thought it was time to take the gloves off and say what very people people are willing to say!

Some of the ones that were in the top 20 that I thought were worth also mentioning were…

It’s been a great year…looking forward to what happens around here in 2009!

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