Sep 28, 2011

Top 20 Posts Of All Time - Part One

So, I’m taking a bit of a writing break this week as I am traveling in Estonia and in the UK (going to try to update via twitter and this site.)  So, I won’t actually be publishing anything new this week; however, I did have our communications area do a little research and so today and tomorrow I will be linking the top 20 posts of all time since I began this site (back in May 2005!)  Today #20-#11…

#20 - Every Single Dude And Dude-ette Should Read This

#19 - Ten Signs You Are Near A Burnout/Meltdown

#18 - Thought On Pornography

#17 - How To Be Pursued By A Guy

#16 - Eyes Locked (One Of My Personal Favorites)

#15 - Eight Things I Think Every Worship Leader Should Know

#14 - Ten Questions Unchurched People Are NOT Asking!

#13 - Lucretia’s White Chocolate Cake Recipe (This one surprised me, had no idea it got this many hits…but, to be fair, this is my FAVORITE cake!)

#12 - Six Signs The Dating Relationship Is In Trouble

#11 - Five Things A Single Dude Needs To Know

#10 - #1 Tomorrow!  :-)

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