Nov 21, 2012

Top 10 Blog Posts Of 2008

As I said last week on this site...I've been writing for about seven years or so...and I know I've picked up quite a few readers over the past few years.  So...I wanted to take this opportunity to revisit some of the most popular blog posts at this site year by year.  Last week we did...

Here are the top 10 blog posts of 2008

#10 - When I Saw The Blood I Freaked Out - When Charisse was just a few months old or so Lucretia asked me to take care of her for about a minute...and during that time she sustained an injury that caused her to bleed...and it freaked me out!!!  It was an very real moment where I realized just a fraction of what God might have felt when He allowed His child to die on the cross.  

#9 - A Huge Announcement - In 2008 my friend Craig Groeschel put together a series for churches called "One Prayer" and this is the post where I announced the details.  

#8 - Four Types Of Staff Member - Which type are you?  Which type are those who report directly to you?  

#7 - 15 Signs That You Or Your Church Lack Vision

#6 - How To Pursue A Young Lady, Four Things You Need To Know - Single dudes, read up!  (AND...single girls, read up...he should be pursuing you this way!)  

#5 - Top Seven Stupid Financial Mistakes I've Made Part One - AND...I made some dumb ones!!!  ( is part two)

#4 - A Valentines Day Rant - Here I talked about the five most bothersome things about Valentines Day!!  

#3 - Masturbation - It was the most popular post of 2006 and it made #3 two years later.  There were some who were "offended" that I wrote about this...but then there were a lot of people reading it as well!  

#2 - Five Things You Should NEVER Hear From A Staff Member!!!  

#1 - Attention Pastors, Keep Your Penis In Your Pants - written after seeing way too many guys have affairs and walk out on their family!!  

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