Jun 11, 2007


It is Sunday night…and I am TIRED!  Let me hit the highlights…and then I am going to BED!!!  (For those that do not know…I am in Panama City Beach with our youth group.

  • It was hard to leave Lucretia this morning…I’ve got a feeling it is going to be a LOT harder when Charisse gets here.
  • All nine buses made it down here safely…and there were over 600 Chic-fil-a biscuits waiting on the teens when they arrived.
  • There is a Starbucks in the lobby of the hotel we are staying in!!!  And some people doubt the existence of God—WHATEVER!
  • I am by far the whitest person down here!  I walked out on the beach today…and when the sun hit my white body there were hundreds of people who went blind!
  • Our band did an OUTSTANDING job of leading in worship tonight.  I was overwhelmed as I watched over 400 teens worship.  I kept thinking, “I wish I would have had this!”
  • We saw around 15 kids receive Christ tonight!!!

I know more happened…but I am so tired that I just want to go and pass out now.  :-)

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