Dec 21, 2006


Lucretia and I spent last night with some of the greatest people on planet earth…the staff at NewSpring! We had our annual Christmas party…and we all hurt ourselves laughing and having an awesome time.

I can honestly say a few things about our staff…

#1 - Our Staff Really Does Love One Another!

One of the commitments I have recently made is to try and have lunch with every staff member at least twice a year. This is done in groups of 4-6 people…and I ask them a lot of questions as well as give them an opportunity to ask me ANYTHING.

One of the questions I asked of the two groups I have went out with this month is, “What do you love the most about working at NewSpring?” The #1 answer—hands down—nearly every person said they love the people they work with the most.

Like it or not…if the chemistry is not good…then you have a dysfunctional team…no matter how much talent the people possess. Bill Hybels says that when you hire a staff member that the three “c’s” must be considered—character, competence, and chemistry…and tonight was even more confirmation that the chemistry is awesome.

I feel so sorry for the staff out there that doesn’t care for one another…a ministry cannot survive internal conflict—EVER!

#2 - Our Staff Plays Hard…AND WORKS HARD!

WOW…I could camp all day right here…our staff knows how to “get it done.” I posted last month about “creating an experience,” and our staff is all about making everything right so that when someone walks into the doors of NewSpring—they see a church that cares about them. (Some choose to call this putting on a show…we call it caring for people.)

I walked into our video room today and went over some of the work that DJ has done…and then I went into Ken’s office to preview some of his work…AMAZING! I have been in meetings all week getting the scoop of all that is going to go on behind the scenes this weekend. All I can say is this—the staff at NewSpring has busted their rear-ends to make sure as many people as possible get to hear about Jesus this weekend in a way that they can understand!

#3 - The Staff At NewSpring Has One Goal—TO MAKE JESUS FAMOUS!

From time to time people say I get defensive…and that is not a lie…I do, because, well…you see—this church I am involved in—I have pretty much devoted my life to this thing. And when someone wants to come along and criticize what we do and how we do it…well…it does not sit well with me—it never will. (Steven hits the ball out of the park yet again with this post...dude…I could not agree more!!!)

But not only that—when people criticize this work—they are criticizing the people involved in this work…our staff—who I have prayed and wept with regarding people who don’t know Christ. Who I have seen step into our community and establish relationships with people far from God. Who I have seen weep when marriages are restored…who I have seen stay at our church for hours so a recovery group could finish their meetings.

And why do they do this? Why do they endure the criticism and long hours? Why do they continually seek to improve on what they do and make it better? It’s simple—they believe there really is a heaven and there really is a hell…and people really go there…and without a relationship with Jesus—hell is not just a scary place—it is a reality.

And so—we understand it is our job to make Jesus famous…to spread HIS name among the nations. It is not our job to be the moral police and tell people the types of music to listen to and the kinds of movies they need to see…but it is our job to tell others about Jesus…and then let HIM control them instead of us trying to…He’s so much better at it.

You will not find a better group of people on this planet. Once again…they have all worked so hard to make sure that your friends and family members hear about Jesus this weekend in a way that they can understand…get them here!!!

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