Sep 26, 2010

Sunday Night Reflections

Wow…what an amazing day at NewSpring Church…and I wasn’t even there!!!

Lucretia and I are on vacation spending time with each other!!!  (AND…this is a time stamped blog…so I am NOT “on vacation” with my laptop on my lap…I am spending time with my wife!!!  :-)

Joe did an amazing job…and you REALLY need to come out to his Financial Learning Seminar!  You can sign up at

As we’ve said over and over…we don’t want anything FROM you…we want something FOR you…we want FOR you to live in the financial freedom that God provides for us AS WE FOLLOW HIS WORD!

So, the seminar is free, we will feed you AND take care of you kids…we just need you to sign up AND show up!

Have a GREAT week!

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