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Dec 15, 2017

Seven Promises I Can Make To You About Weight Loss

#1 - You Can Do This - if you've lived with the idea "this is just the way I am and there is nothing I can do about it"--it's time to put that thought out of its misery!  If I can do it - you can too!  

#2 - You Will Feel Better - I honestly cannot believe the energy I have!!  I have not felt this good in over 20 years!!  

#3 - You Will Look Better - Get ready to have to buy new clothes, ones that are more fitted and are not extra baggy!  (I wore really baggy clothes because I was ashamed of my body!)  AND...it's AWESOME when someone says to you, "Hey, have you been losing weight?"  

#4 - You Will Improve The Quality Of Your Life - When I was overweight, all I wanted to do was lay around (and tell everyone how tired I was.)  NOT ANYMORE - I literally have the energy now to do the things I used to say I would do "one day!"   

#5 - You Will Have Less Stress - SERIOUSLY, it's amazing how, as my fitness levels increased my stress levels decreased.  Eating right and exercise is one of THE BEST ways to fight worry, anxiety and depression.  

#6 - You Will Sleep Better - As someone who has wrestled with sleep for over 15 years, I am now sleeping better than I ever have in my life (which is essential if we want to maximize the life God has given us!)  

#7 - You Will Think Clearer - In the past, between 1:00 and 4:00pm were HORRIBLE as far a productivity because, as I got tired I tried to increase my energy with energy drinks--which provided a temporary but was always followed by a MASSIVE crash.  However, now, I am pretty much in productivity mode all day long.  

If you want to get started on an eating right/exercise journey that WILL change your life (for the good) then go here and click the "buy now" button to get started. 

You CAN win with weight! 

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