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Jan 30, 2009  |  Discipleship

Prioritizing The Family—Four Things…

So…I just got back from Disney with ‘Cretia (ought to make my Baptist friends happy…BUT…I did not drink!)  :-)

Someone recently asked me on twitter how I prioritize my family…so I listed out a few ways and hope this helps.

#1 - Reading “Choosing To Cheat” by Andy Stanley changed my life…literally, there is NOT a better book on the subject of placing the family as a priority that I know of.

NO…SERIOUSLY…if you haven’t read it then ORDER IT RIGHT NOW!  It’s THAT GOOD!!!

#2 - I Made It A Point To Prioritize My Family. 

No one is going to do this for you…YOU have got to make it happen…and then guard your time with them with pit bull intensity!

Lucretia and I have a date night once a week…and NOTHING is getting in the way of that…NOTHING!

Charisse and I have a date every Saturday morning…and I don’t let ANYTHING get in our way.

I eat dinner with my girls usually six nights a week (Sunday usually being the exception.)

Lucretia and I have at least two or three vacations a year where it is JUST US, no one else…and that is a good thing!  :-)
AND I MADE THAT HAPPEN!  If your family is important enough to you…then you will put them on the schedule and dare anyone to try to move them!
Do we have to move things around occasionally?  Sure…emergencies happen, one of us gets sick, schedule do change…but that is the exception…and an “emergency” MAY happen around three or four times a year!

#3 - I Keep In Mind That “Loving One Another” MUST Begin With Lucretia and Charisse.  

If I am going to be a fully devoted follower of Christ then I am commanded to love others.  And…in order to love someone you MUST spend time with them.

One of the problem I see with pastors is that they spend so much time “loving others” that they neglect to love those under their roof.  That simply can’t be!

#4 - I Have FINALLY Realized That My Work Will Never Be Finished.  

I’m a freak…most leaders are.  I’m self motivated…driven…passionate…and always think that if I just devote a little bit more time to something then it could be better.

I would literally work from 7am to 9pm if I didn’t finally come to the conclusion a few years ago that I will ALWAYS have more to do than I can possibly get done…and being ok with that means that I am learning to trust in HIS abilities rather than mine.

My advice to pastors…set a time on your schedule that you are going to leave the office and go home…and then NO MATTER what happens…DO IT!  Trust me…the work will be there when you get back the next day.

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