Aug 1, 2006

Prayer Requests

THANK you to everyone who prays for me—the tons of encouraging e-mails are awesome…one of the joys of serving NewSpring as the pastor is knowing that people are praying for me.

The last time I shared some prayer requests I could tell that people were praying…so here we go again.  These are the following things I need prayer for…

#1 - Pray For Me To Have Wisdom

As I said in the last sermon I preached at NewSpring…this is the largest church I have ever attended and the only church I have ever pastored…and so I need for God to pour out His wisdom on me.  He’s been so faithful in this area…and our church hasn’t gotten to where we are by “my bright ideas” but rather because we listen to Him…and then follow HIS direction.

#2 - Pray For My Protection

I don’t want to go too deep into this…but the level of spiritual warfare in my life has increased dramatically over the past week.

In asking for prayer in this area you need to understand something about me…I am NOT the person who sees a demon behind every tree…when my car will not start I do not think it is possessed by the demon of cars…BUT…I do believe in literal angels and demons…and I do believe in spiritual warfare.  I have experienced things over the past 15 years that, if I were to write or speak of them, you would either dismiss me as a nutcase or we would have people e-mailing in stories about how you saw an angel in some cow pasture in Georgia!!!

Anyway—without going into detail—pray for me in this area…and when we do a series on spiritual warfare, probably next year, I will talk more about the subject.

#3 - Pray For My Marriage

Lucretia is awesome!!!  I love my wife SO much…BUT I have seen SO MANY PASTORS sacrifice their family for the sake of growing a church.  I don’t want to do that…if I am a success here at NewSpring but not a success at home—then I am a failure overall.  I have a desire to put more time and effort into my marriage than I do into leading and creating relevant environments here at NewSpring.

I believe the TOUGHEST job in the church is the pastor’s wife!!!  She sees me during my highest of highs and my lowest of lows…and loves me anyway!!!

AND—we are praying and seeking the Lord regarding having children…you might want to cover this as well…I STILL want to name our son Boaz!!!  Lucretia has a hard heart and will not give in on this—so pray hard!!!

#4 -  Continue To Pray For Her Medical Practice To Be Blessed.

I asked for prayer regarding this the last time…and God has been answering them!!!  Thank you again to all who have been praying for this—her patient load is increasing!

#5 - Pray For Me To Be Creative

While I was away I had a TON of creative ideas…let’s just say that the next six months around here are going to be the most exciting times we have EVER experienced as a church…pray for me to think clearly…and pray that through our use of creativity that the Gospel will be preached and tons of people will accept Christ.

#6 - Pray For Salvations At NewSpring   

NOTHING moves me more than to hear that someone gave their life to Christ—NOTHING!  We had a guy after the service approach an usher after one of our morning services this past week and ask, “Hey man, I want to give my life to Jesus—how do I do that?”  We had 10 youth accept Christ this past Sunday night—God is SO at work.  SO—keep praying…AND…while you are at it—pray for the people you know need to accept Christ…AND invite them to church.

#7 - Pray That I Do Not Explode Before Tomorrow Night!  

I can’t WAIT for First Wednesday (6:30 tomorrow night!)  I woke up at 4:00 this morning and I could not go back to sleep…wow…yeah…I am pumped.  Pray that I will communicate clearly…and that people will accept Christ—like I said yesterday—it is going to be one of the clearest presentations of the Gospel you have ever seen—GET YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY HERE WHO DO NOT KNOW CHRIST!!!

That’s it for me—now regarding you—how can we here at NewSpring be praying for you?  Shoot me an e-mail and let me know…

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