Oct 11, 2007

Parents Just Don’t Understand!

Anyone remember that song? I do; in fact, I think I can still “rap” it word for word. That song connected DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince to the world…and all of us who were teenagers at the time thought that song was just so true.

My how times have changed!

You see, fact is that many of us who were “the kid” when that song came out are now “those parents,” and the older we get the more we realize that our parents weren’t really that stupid! Parents DO understand, but for some reason we have a hard time communicating that truth.

Parenting is weird! I remember thinking so many times after seeing parents treat kids a certain way, “When I get to be a parent I will NEVER do that.” Many of us have said that—and have eaten our words, right?

Parenting is something you just really are never ready for…no matter how many books you read. I realized that it was sort of a “learn as you go” thing when Charisse was about 25 minutes old and the nurse looked at me, smiled and then handed me a diaper. I thought, “OK…here goes, don’t really know how to do this—but I’m going to give it a shot!”

A lot of parents scratch their heads, trying to figure out how the heck this happened…one minute you are the “cool man,” playing in a basketball league and driving a sports car…now you coach four year old soccer and drive a mini-van. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? AND…what challenges are ahead that no one told me about?

SO…beginning next Sunday at NewSpring we are going to start a new series of messages entitled, “The Perfect Kid.” I know lots of parents who boast of their “perfect kid” with the stickers on the back of the family truckster…but in reality…there are no perfect kids…OR parents! (Check out the website for the series…do some reading…interesting stuff!)

We have never done a series on parenting here at NewSpring, so this is going to be totally unique for me from a teaching standpoint. I have purposefully surrounded myself with some very godly parents, had some great conversations with ‘Cretia AND have also done a fair amount of research so that we can journey through the Scriptures together and cover topics such as…

  • “Three Crucial Mistakes I Do Not Want To Make As A Parent.”
  • “What I Would Wish For My Child If God Gave Me Four Wishes!” (Who came up with three wishes anyway?)
  • “What Happens When A Good Kid Goes Bad?”
  • “What Is THE BEST Thing Parents Can Do For Their Kids?”

AND…a few other things will be thrown in there as well. We are REALLY looking forward to this series, and I think that through this we will all learn some things together. Trust me…I am definitely NOT teaching this series of messages as an expert but rather as someone who is desperately seeking Jesus for wisdom as to how in the heck to do this.

One more thing…I know parents will be excited about this, but there is probably a college student or a single person out there who might be looking at this series and think, “That’s not that exciting!” Trust me—IT WILL BE! :-) Because…even though you may not be a parent right now…statistics show that you probably will be some day. YOU NEED TO PLAN FOR THIS NOW!!!

One of the things I found most fascinating about Lucretia when we first began dating back in 1996 was the fact that she had already prayed about and thought through the values that she one day wanted to teach her (our) children…and she loved the same thing about me.

In fact, I would go out on a limb and say that college students and singles will LOVE this series because I believe it is going to be so practical…and it’s never too early to begin planning!!!

Pray for me as I prepare to teach on a subject where there will be both laughter and tears…I know God is going to do great things through this series.

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