Mar 7, 2017

One Of The Best Investments You Can Make In Your Church…

…is to schedule a phone call with Injoy Stewardship Solutions


#1 - It’s FREE

#2 - It can set you and your church up for success

If you are a church leader and are considering buying land, building a building, starting another campus or retiring debt I can personally guarantee that ISS is the BEST at what they do - and their passion to serve churches and church leaders is contagious.  

They have such a unique approach to campaigns in that, while they do have a plan, they also customize that plan to make it adapt to your churches vision/mission.  

If this is something you’ve been considering then go here, schedule a call (did I mention it’s free) and chat with ISS - I promise they will not waste your time…and they really can help you and your church accomplish far more than you ever thought possible.   

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