Jun 19, 2007

My Message To Charisse - 7 Things I Think You Should Know (Part One)

This past Sunday I did a message to Charisse, my soon to be born daughter, during all four services at NewSpring. I am planning on letting her see it in 2019 when she is 12! Here are the seven things I communicated to her
#1 - I Am Learning As I Go

Some key points in this section were…

  • Told a story of the first time I was on a skateboard…and how halfway down the hill I had this thought, “I don’t know how to stop this thing!”
  • The situation above is what can be described as an “Oh crap” moment…and…as a parent, life is FULL of them!
  • Up until this time in life Lucretia and I have always looked at other kids who freak out in public places and thought, “Someone ought to do something about that.” BUT NOW that is going to be OUR KID!!! Oh crap!
  • For the most part I see over and over again that parents, at some point, feel overwhelmed as to HOW to handle a particular situation…in their minds they are saying, “Oh crap.” AND—the good news is that we are NOT called to do this alone!
  • Scripture says in James 1:5 that if we lack wisdom (even as a parent) that we should ask God—and that He will pour His wisdom out on us!!! We are NOT ALONE!
  • I think the reason a lot of parents are frustrated with parenting is because they refuse to ask for God’s help on a DAILY basis…they only go to Him during their “oh crap” moments. Personally…I think seeking HIS wisdom more often leads to less “oh crap” moments
  • I told my daughter that there will not be one single day go by without asking God to show me how to be her father!

#2 - Many Boys Are Jerks—Do Not Settle! 

Some key points here were…

  • I had a staff member tell me he would change it to “all boys are jerks…and God happens to redeem a few.” I agree!!!
  • The problem with many single Christian ladies is the temptation to settle. In a recent survey I saw where 60% of the Christians in America are female…so…many of them feel like that have to take what they can get.
  • I told Charisse, “Honey—it is the year 2019 right now…and many of the single ladies here are more in love with the idea of being in a relationship and being married MORE than they are in love with Jesus, and so, they settled…and during the past 12 years many of them are now divorced and have experienced some serious pain in their lives…all because they didn’t have high standards.”
  • The Bible says in Ephesians 3:20 that God is able to so much more than we could ever ask or imagine…so single ladies should set incredibly high standards…and then watch God blow them out of the water.
  • Lucretia, my wife, said the following question should be asked before entering ANY serious relationship! “Is this the kind of love God meant when He created Adam and Eve, the kind between two people that truly reflects His love for us (the I Corinthians 13 kind), or are you settling for less than God’s immeasurably more than anything you can ask or imagine?”
  • What should a man be? What am I looking for in a man who will win the heart of my daughter? (Yes, I will make that call…I am her father!)
  • A Priest - he needs to be in love with Jesus and know God’s Word. I tell single guys all the time that the best thing they can do to prepare themselves for marriage is to read the Bible over and over again…to memorize it…AND to apply it!!! If a guy doesn’t know Scripture—he cannot spiritually lead my daughter, and I will show him the door. I said in one service, “If he isn’t willing to go through the book of Leviticus for you then he isn’t worthy of you!” :-)
  • A Protector - if a guy EVER puts a lady into a situation where she feels compromised emotionally, physically or spiritually…then he is NOT a godly man, he is actually acting more like satan—seeking to manipulate her to fulfill his own selfish desires. A true man of God protects a woman AND her reputation. It was also here that I said if a boy ever puts here into a situation like I just described…then I will put him into a “situation” that will allow me to begin a prison ministry.
  • A Provider - I told my little girl, “Don’t bring home some broke boy that I am going to have to support and who wants to live in my basement!” I want my little girl to date a marry a man who has dreams AND A JOB!!! Single guys—WORK!!! And do not e-mail me telling me that a job isn’t important—that is why you are single you moron!!! Fall in love with Jesus—treat women like women should be treated in the eyes of God—and WORK to provide for her!!!
  • I told Charisse that I want great grandkids one day…and that we can’t get racehorses breeding with mules…so date and marry a godly man!!!

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