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Jan 9, 2018

Lives Are Already Being Changed, People ARE Losing Weight - Check Out These Stories

So many people have gotten in on the plan put forward in, "I Can Win With Weight."  

And MAYBE you have considered it - but like me are a tad on the skeptical side and are wondering if the plan really world.  

Check out these stories that have been shared on the private Facebook group I've created for people who buy the book.  

"Pastor P thanks so much for this! I have lost 5 lbs already. I started doing this the day the ebook came out..." - Scott

"I started on December 13 the day after the ebook came out, even though I thought right before Christmas would be the worst time to start. The devotionals really inspired me and helped me to make better food choices. In addition, I have been using an exercise bicycle about 11 minutes a day. I could only use it for 6 minutes when I started. After attending 4 Christmas dinners and eating a week of amazing leftovers, I have still lost a little over 4 1/2 pounds... - Michelle

"Down 5 pounds week one from Jan 1-8. Vision - Desire - committed to loose on avg 2lbs per week going forward"  Kevin

"Read the book and started on 1/2/18. I have lost 6lbs and I haven’t even started exercising. Excited to see what happens when I add that step."  Bev

"I started before the book came out. The book & devotionals got me through Christmas. Lost 9 lbs. so far... - Carol

You can do this too!!  The eBook is only $7 - but the change it will bring about in your life physically, emotionally and spiritually will be worth so much more!  

Go here, click the "buy now" button in the upper right hand corner and let's get started - YOU CAN DO THIS!  

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