Sep 28, 2006  |  Discipleship

Kitchen Scissors & God’s Purpose

Lucretia has this thing about having a pair of scissors in the kitchen.  When she was growing up her father worked in construction and would always take the scissors out of the kitchen with him to a job sight—thus frustrating the family because they could never go to the kitchen and find the scissors.

So…she explained to me the necessity to have a pair of scissors in the kitchen…and she instructed me that they should stay there at all times.  And…like a good husband…I obeyed her!!!

So one say I was playing my guitar in the kitchen and a string broke…which presented me with a problem…if I wanted to continue to play I would need to put a new string on.

I had some time that day & so I decided to change all of the strings…but…I could not find anything to cut the strings with to get them off of the guitar.

All of a sudden I had this thought, “Hey—I am in the kitchen…I will use the kitchen scissors—that will be perfect.”  I continued to rationalize the idea by telling myself that as long as I didn’t leave the kitchen that I could use the scissors for changing my guitar strings.

Uh—memo to all guitar players who change the guitar strings in the kitchen…kitchen scissors are NOT the best thing to cut guitar strings with.

Needless to say I completely warped the scissors…they were mangled when I finished the task of changing my strings…BUT…I didn’t leave the kitchen with them.

That night I told Lucretia about the incident…and I showed her the scissors.  Husbands—she gave me “that look,” you know, the one that says, “I am really trying hard to love you right now…I want to…but sometimes you make it hard by being stupid!”

Come to think of it…I get that look a lot!  :-)

I told her that the scissors never left the kitchen…and to my surprise…that didn’t calm the situation at all.  She went on to explain to me that even though I had kept the scissors where they were supposed to be…I had not used them for their proper purpose and because of that they were now warped and damaged.

As I think back on the great kitchen scissor debacle of 2000 I am reminded that just like I used those scissors for the wrong purpose…and in doing so I messed them up…we can do the same in our lives with Christ.

God created us with a purpose and plan in mind…and there is nothing better than His plan—NOTHING.  However, when we begin to take ourselves and make our own plans…and then ask Him to bless OUR ideas…we get warped…out of line…and many times damage is done.

God custom designed you…and when He did He did not say “oops.”  He knew what He was doing…and if you are still breathing then that is evidence that He is NOT through with you.

God created you with a purpose in mind…and all of us who have made mistakes in our past would have to admit that those mistakes came as a result of pursuing our own ways rather than God’s ways!  AND…as a result…many of us experienced the damaging effects that still scar us just a little today.

But…like I said…God is NOT finished with you…He has a purpose in mind…AND if you have made mistakes in your past…if you have messed up…if you feel like you are warped and damaged…all that means is that you are the perfect person for God to use for His glory!  (See I Corinthians 1:26-31)

God is at work—right now—all around you…and He wants to do a work inside of you…because when His work around you coincides with the work inside of you—then no matter how much damaged you have done in your past—God does work through you that is so amazing…the lives of others are effected…and your walk with Him gets stronger and stronger.

I challenge you today to do something—get alone with God—go for a walk…get in your car (and cut off the radio and cell phone) and ask Him, “Why did You make me?  Am I fulfilling Your purpose?  What do You want me to do?”  (You probably already know the answer to at least one of those questions…)

And then, as He directs you—follow Him!  I know this is scary because for some it might mean changing your major, for others it might mean making a career change…for others it might cause you to readjust the way you spend money…BUT, I can promise you this—there is NO GREATER JOY than knowing you are doing exactly what God has called you to do in life.

You and I were created for one purpose—to make the name of Jesus famous.  Are you doing that?  That is our purpose?  If so—then AWESOME.  If not—then what changes need to be made…because the sooner you begin to make those changes…the less damage we will have in our lives…and the more fulfilled we will become!

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