Dec 27, 2005  |  Personal

I’m Back In SC!

What an awesome few days…

The Christmas Eve (and Eve-Eve) services were awesome—we had 4,566 people in attendance and saw several people surrender their lives to the lordship of Christ—nothing, and I mean NOTHING gets me more fired up than to see someone commit to Jesus.

After the 5th service Lucretia and I (and Melissa, my sister in law) piled in the SUV and headed for Thomasville, GA to celebrate Christmas with her family.

Let me say first and foremost that my mother in law is an outstanding cook! Holy Cow! I got up on Christmas morning and went for a five mile run—then came back and waited about an hour before tearing into the turkey and dressing…oh yeah!

When supper time rolled around she offered to make us some shrimp and grits—one of her specialties…but we all refused—we wanted more turkey!

Yesterday began with an intense time in Scripture—God is rocking my world right now in the book of Genesis—especially the story of Joseph. If you have a doubt in the Sovereignty of God then you should check out his story—wow! (There will possibly be a series of messages on this sometime in 2006!)

Anyway—after that was a light 3 and a half mile run that was going along fine until I had this experience with a stupid dog!!! More on that later…

The only thing I do not totally enjoy about visiting T’ville is the fact that I have to sleep on the “marshmallow!” Let me explain…

When we go to T’ville we sleep in Lucretia’s old room…in the bed that she grew up sleeping in as a child. She refers to it as the “fluffy white cloud” and I refer to it as the marshmallow from the pit of Hades.

I will admit that the bed is soft—which is NOT good if you weigh 220—it literally has taken me several minutes just to climb out of it because I seem to sink continually when I lay down in it.
And—like most beds—it was built for SHORT people—I am 6’ 6” and so my feet hang off the end of it—it is actually quite funny to see me in it.

And then the Lord continues to do a work in me in regards to patience…I was making good time on my way back from Thomasville…right up until I got south of Atlanta—then I hit traffic. Now you must understand—I HATE SITTING IN TRAFFIC! We were literally bumper to bumper for 30-45 minutes—I was nearly going out of my mind. My saving grace was scanning through the stations on XM radio…I found this blues channel that rocked!!!

Last night I was able to sleep in MY BED! (No matter where you go or where you stay—there is nothing like your bed!!!) And today I am going to hit the ground running with a 9:30 staff meeting and then…well…not really sure—we are actually off for the rest of the week—the entire office.

If you came to one of the Christmas services then you saw the anticipated move in date for the new building, February 12. I have handled this a lot different that other pastors and leaders that I know (referring to the move into the building.) I will explain later on this week or next week what I mean.

That’s about it—expect for the fact that my Tigers play at 5:00 today against Colorado. (I’ll give you a guess as to where I will be and what I will be doing!)

Tomorrow’s post is going to be interesting…it is one that I am praying about—and has been on my mind for about three months now…but has taken on a new twist this past week. I am excited about how it is shaping up…and it will be the first AND last time I address what I am going to address. Should be fun!

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