Sep 20, 2006

I’m About To Flippin’ Explode!!!

I have several things I want to share—my mind is RACING and I just had a double shot of espresso—God help us all!!!

  • This Sunday…I can’t wait!!!  Not only am I excited…but our staff is PUMPED…Lee was about to come out of his skin yesterday (I am glad he didn’t—that would have been gross) in regards to this weekend.  There is an atmosphere of excitement in our office that is contagious!!!
  • AND…I have received a lot of e-mails and phone calls assuring me that it is not only me that is excited—but tons of people in our church are excited as well…and are inviting people left and right.  Folks—Jesus is going to do something amazing this Sunday at NewSpring!
  • Pray for me and the team traveling with me today to Granger for their Innovative Church Conference.  I am so pumped about this…I have never spoken at a church conference.  I have requested a translator for those who are not fluent in “redneck.”  AND pray that the airline does not lose my luggage—after my last experience I am paranoid.
  • Please pray for Lucretia…she loves the fact that I am getting a chance to speak and tell others what God is doing here at NewSpring…but she HATES it when I am away…which is a good thing.  I NEVER want her to LOVE IT when I travel!!!
  • AND…pray for Jason Moorhead…I will be rooming with him and he snores REALLY BAD!

A few more things I wanted to share…

  • Tony Morgan has been doing a journey through the Bible and posted his recent thoughts on the Song of Songs here...I about spit water all over my computer reading this…it’s AWESOME!
  • Mark Driscoll, one of my favorite leaders, has this awesome post about what God is doing at his church and Seattle…it is a long post BUT worth your while to read.  Mark has been the target of a lot of criticism from people and has kept his focus on Jesus…something I am learning to do!
  • I am finally going to get to meet this guy at the ICC…AND the dude responsible for this blog...I can’t wait.  Hey Scott…YOU OWE ME some Starbucks dude…you have tortured me with your Starbucks posts for months…and now you will pay!!!
  • (By the way…I heard from a pretty reliable source that a Starbucks is heading to Anderson…and to think, there are people out there who think that God isn’t real and does not answer prayer!!!)

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