Aug 30, 2006

Have A Plan!!!

One of the things that has always bothered me to some degree is people who refuse to plan…and then expect their lack of planning to become my emergency…can I get an amen?

I saw this BIG time with I was in youth ministry—a church would advertise a “super extreme pizza blast” and tons of kids would show up…but because of a lack of planning the famished kids were told they could have one piece of pizza & then maybe get seconds later.

(By the way—youth pastors—the term “pizza blast” is no longer cool.  Trust me—teenagers at school are not talking about the pizza blast in their class rooms…you’ve got to come up with another name!)

I remember a time when I was the guest speaker at a youth rally a particular church was putting on.  I showed up & asked to speak to the person in charge—little did I know that the person in charge was going to be me.  I found this out when I asked, “What do you guys have planned for this evening?”  Everyone sort of looked at me like I was on the crack rock and asked, “Well…what do YOU want to do?”

That was an amazing learning experience for me…I wound up leading worship, which brought new meaning to make a joyful noise, and left incredibly frustrated because of a lack of planning.

Having a plan can equate to this word we use around here at NewSpring called VISION!  The reason many people screw up in life is because they have no vision and desire to “fly by the seat of their pants!”  That may bring on a rush from time to time…but is not a good idea when it comes to long term success.

For example—the reason many people fail in their finances is because they have no vision for what they want their money to accomplish.  They simply spend and spend…and when they run out of money they borrow and continue to spend.  BUT someone with vision will have a plan and stick to it…and 10 times out of 10 it works out!

The people who are miserable in their marriage because “it isn’t successful” probably have never sat down with their spouse and determined what success is…they have no vision.  I asked Lucretia several years ago to define what success for me as a husband looks like…and because of that I now know the type of husband I should strive to become…I don’t always hit the mark…but I know what to aim for.

I know single people who make stupid mistakes when it comes to dating because they have no vision, they don’t know what they are looking for & so when someone comes along with a pulse they immediately think this person is a God send…if you want a successful dating life then DEFINE what a successful dating life looks like.  (Dinner and a movie is NOT a success…if a guy takes you to a movie on the first date he is lazy and uncreative…and I DARE any single guy to try to argue with me on this!)

What is the plan?  NewSpring has a plan—a vision—and that vision literally guides every decision that we make; in fact, there are tons of decisions we do not have to make simply because we have a vision.

This Sunday I will be talking about that a little as we wrap up this series called “Deal or No Deal.”  I can’t wait!  Don’t miss this Sunday—it’s going to rock!!!  I am going to be sharing how I believe that God wants NewSpring to fulfill Acts 1:8…and folks, I am smoking what I am selling this Sunday so the passion level is going to be through the roof!!!  Don’t miss it!

One more thing—establishing a vision takes work—lots of it—that’s why many people and churches refuse to do it; however, on the other side of vision usually comes success and growth, but ONLY if that vision is tied into God’s Word and His Spirit!

This Sunday…and the rumor is the 9:30 service might begin a few minutes early!

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