May 9, 2008  |  Random

Five Friday Thoughts…

#1 - God is stretching me right now & really challenging me to change things up both personally and with my leadership style.  Saying all of that—I had supper with Los last night at Fogo...and the Lord really used him to stretch me.  Thanks Los…love the tat!

#2 - I asked the question on Twitter, “Are Macs really better than PC’s?”  I received more replies than ever—I MEAN EVER!  WOW…Mac loves are freaks about their computers!  Still not convinced I’m getting one…but their “customers” are definitely loyal.

#3 - I got yelled at by a policeman in Buckhead yesterday.  Now…I WAS technically blocking the intersection…and, it WAS his job to clear it…but…he wasn’t at all interested in my explanation that I was from Anderson, SC!  :-)  He yelled at me to “get out of his intersection.”  Definitely a not nice person—I started to give him a hug—he needed a friend!

#4 - NewSpringers—PLEASE REMEMBER—GET TO CHURCH EARLY ON SUNDAY FOR TWO REASONS…number one—so you will get a seat (we are expecting to be slammed) and number two…if you miss the first 10 minutes…you are going to miss A LOT!!!

(Random thought…why is it that people would not dare walk into a movie or a Broadway Play 15-30 minutes late…but they are ok with doing it at church?  Hmmmm)

It’s going to be incredible…and…if you know someone who doesn’t know Christ then GET THEM HERE (early)!!!  :-)

#5 - This is going to be Lucretia’s first Mother’s Day…I asked Charisse what she thought we should get Lucretia and she said, “Bird!”  (This is her favorite word!)  We will not be getting ‘Cretia a bird as pets are not her favorite thing…but I am sure that Charisse will come up with something creative.


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