Feb 28, 2006  |  Finances

Be Careful

So I am riding down the road the other day and I saw something I have never seen in my entire life. I look at the car next to me and the driver is WATCHING TELEVISION! Maybe this is normal, maybe this is something that is coming our way…but for some strange reason I felt just a little nervous considering I was next to this person and they were traveling at a high rate of speed.

Have you seen things like this? I have had conversations with people who change clothes riding down the road. (Please don’t do this—can you imagine explaining yourself if you had a wreck, “You see officer—the reason I was totally nude was…”) And then there are the ladies I have seen putting on makeup while cruising to work!!! And then, of course, there is the cell phone talker who has to use their hands when they talk—which is not a problem except for the fact that their HANDS SHOULD BE ON THE STEERING WHEEL!!!

Yep—I would say that the reason that many accidents take place on our roadways today is simple…people just are not careful. We are supposed to be driving…but instead we watch television, put on makeup and change clothes!

You know its crazy—but I think this all ties in to our walk with Christ as well. I have been reading through the Bible since December…and one of the things that has always fascinated me was in the book of Deuteronomy where Moses is reminding the Israelites of all that God has done…but then he uses the phrase over and over again, “BE CAREFUL…”

Seriously, read through the book of Deuteronomy and see how many times God communicates to His people that they need to be careful to follow His ways…be careful not to follow other gods…over and over you see it.

And that message is still relevant today. Just in case you may not have noticed—we do not live in a morally neutral culture. We have to make choices everyday that will affect our walk with Christ…and so we need to be careful.

Singles—BE CAREFUL when it comes to dating. How many of you have made serious dating mistakes because you said, “Well, they are not godly—but I can fix that,” and so you go along thinking you are the Holy Spirit…and before you know it you feel trapped in a relationship that is not at all what God had in mind. BE CAREFUL…godly men and women have options and should never settle!!!

When making financial decisions—BE CAREFUL! How many of us have rushed into buying something we did not need…but we were convinced we could make the minimum payment & so we went for it. And now the money we make does not go to us…it has DISCOVERED a way to make banks bigger and our homes smaller.

When it comes to marriage—BE CAREFUL! You will never just have “extra time” to spend with your spouse. One of the things I have discovered is that Lucretia’s love language is quality time, and as her husband that flatters me…she actually WANTS to be around me…and so I HAVE to guard that time with her…I have to BE CAREFUL or my schedule will fill up with other things. I have to “choose to cheat” as Andy Stanley would say, and cheat other people or other opportunities…but never my wife.

I learned an incredibly valuable lesson in this last week…when it comes to twho you listen to—you need to BE CAREFUL. There are some people in your life (hopefully) that love Jesus and love you…these are the people you need to listen to the majority of the time. You cannot let those who do not even know you let the general statements they make about you dominate your thoughts and actions.

In life in general—we need to BE CAREFUL. I have to shake my head when I think of how many bad decisions I could have avoided if I had just been careful…if I had just slowed down long enough to really think about the situation.

I have to confess—when I left the house this morning…I WAS NOT CAREFUL and so I forgot the recipe again…I will try to put it up tonight.

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