Jul 15, 2007  |  Random

Baby Farts, Publix, An Awesome Message…and other random stuff…

OK…so here are a few random things this Sunday evening before I head off to bed…

Random Thought #1 - Charisse farted on me the other night! I am sorry…I know many of you do not like the word “fart,” however, there is no other word to describe what she did. She had literally just blown her diaper up and I was cleaning up the mess. While I was wiping away she ripped one off and it was the grossest thing I have ever smelled—I nearly threw up—on her!!! BUT—i love her, gross farts and all—she’s my girl!

Random Thought #2 - Since I am trying my best to serve ‘Cretia I did the grocery shopping this past Saturday. It was one of THE most intimidating things I have ever done. Lucretia had done all of the grocery shopping since we have been married—and I thought, “How hard can this be?”

SO…I walked into Publix with my pen and my very detailed list that ‘Cretia had made for me. I think it took me an hour to pick up 17 items…part of that was my fault—I spent WAY too much time at the ice cream freezer trying to decide. AND…IT HAPPENED…I just threw random stuff in the buggy that looked good!!! NEVER go to the grocery store when you are hungry!

When I left the employees, about four of them, smiled at me and told me to come back—somehow I think they knew I was a shopping rookie!

Random Thought #3 - Steven preached for us at NewSpring today! I will have to say that it was one of the best talks I have EVER heard—I was both challenged and encouraged…and I believe with all my heart what he said about our church—that our best days are ahead of us. Tony posted the video we opened the service with on his blog here...and the message will be on our website by Tuesday evening.

The phrase he used today that God used to rock my world is, “God’s promise is bigger than your perhaps.” DANG…thanks Steven for bringing it today!!! I know God is going to continue to do great things through you in Charlotte.

Random Thought #4 - Pete Hise from Quest Community Church in Lexington, KY came into town today for one of our services. From time to time pastors from other churches will come to NewSpring to hang out and then I will take off after a service and grab a meal with them. Tonight Pete and I went to Outback and spent three hours discussing leadership, the church, family and a host of other things. God is doing some incredible things in his church…and I left this meeting SO encouraged. He and I asked each other a lot of questions—it truly was iron sharpening iron—I had a blast.

Random Thought #5 - It is hotter than hell in South Carolina—Tony has a picture here to prove it.

Random Thought #6 - Summer Blockbuster begins tomorrow for our elementary school kids…I wish I had been a part of a church when I was a child that LOVED children as much as our church loves them. By the way…a church that loves kids will spend money on them and WILL NOT send them door to door on Saturday mornings with Krispy Kreme doughnuts while hundreds and thousands of dollars collect interest in some stupid cemetery fund!

Random Thought #7 - The comments regarding the post about buttpaste have been awesome—thanks! :-)

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