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Mar 12, 2018

Are You Ready To Shatter The Next Growth Barrier In Your Church?

Is your church stuck and can't seem to break through a particular growth barrier?  

Are you growing increasingly frustrated because you know you should be growing...but can't figure out why you are not?  

Has hitting this ceiling caused you to question your personal leadership ability?  

If the answer to any (or all) of these questions is "yes" - trust me, I completely understand.  

There were several times as a church leader I would stare at a particular growth barrier, scratch my head and even doubt my calling.  

...being in a church leadership position for nearly 30 years has taught me a thing or two...

...and I would to help you and your church SHATTER your growth barrier by spending a day (or two) with you and your team to

1 - Evaluate where your church is!

2 - Identify the obstacles that are currently in your way, and...

3 - Customize a plan that will put your church back on track to reach more and more people.  

Go here, click the schedule a call button and let's get started!  

If Jesus can grow a church that I was a part of, then I am absolutely sure He can grow yours as well.  

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