Dec 3, 2012

A Special Prayer Request

Dear NewSpring family...I'm writing this article on this site to ask you for your prayers over this next month or so.  Let me set it up like this...

Last night I walked off of the stage after one of THE BEST DAYS in the history of our church (more on that tomorrow!)  I sat down in my car, checked my phone and had a text message from Lucretia (my wife) that said the following...

"FYI, Charisse is feeling tired & sick.  So far so good but watching her.  She just wants to lay on the couch with a blanket and rest."  

When I walked in Charisse was laying down on the coach, her little cheeks were red and there was a bucket next to her in case she started throwing up.

I've got to be honest...I was mad, really mad...upset!!!  Let me explain...

Every single December for the past four years (without exception) something in regards to us being extremely physically sick happens at the Noble house.  Just to list some example...three years ago I had my very first panic attack in December (which I would not wish upon anyone), the next year Lucretia had strep throat...and just when we thought she was getting over it we discovered she had mono, which took her around six months to fully recover from.  (Charisse also had a really bad case of strep as well...keeping in mind that all of this was in December.)  THEN...last December Charisse had a REALLY bad stomach virus, then I got it, then Lucretia got it and then Charisse got it again!!!  

Please understand...I am not the guy who believes that EVERYTHING bad that happens is the devil and/or his demons.  (For example...your car probably did not stop running because a demon got it the engine but rather because you never changed the oil!)  However, I really do believe that the enemy has launched an all out assault on my family over the past several years, specifically in December.  

Why?  It's's our Christmas services!!!  This is THE time of year when people are most likely to visit a church.  And...since 2002 we've always gone all out to do all that we can to present the Gospel in a clear & relevant way and encouraged everyone in our church to bring as many people as possible to a service.  We've always seen record crowds and literally thousands of people have given their lives to Christ during those services.  

And I believe our upcoming Christmas services are going to be NO EXCEPTION!  We are expecting/anticipating the largest crowd we've EVER had at NewSpring Church (there are a total of 44 services all across the state being offered!)  AND...once again, we're going all out to present the Gospel (in a way that is really unique and we've never done before!!)  

And I believe the enemy is po'd!!!  

As a result I really do believe that he (once again) will try to come after me and my family physically...and I can't help but feeling he fired his first shot last night.  

Please understand that I'm not scared...God's Word says in Isaiah 54:17 that no weapon formed against us will prevail, Romans 8:31 says if God is for us then who can be against us...and I John 4:4 says the One who is in us is GREATER than the one who is in the world!  

But I also understand the power of prayer...that when a church commits to praying together around a common purpose that unbelievable and undeniable things happen!  And so, as your pastor I'm asking for your prayers for myself, Lucretia and Charisse during this month, that we would be focused on the Lord and protected from anything that the enemy wants to throw at us.  Every single person knows how distracting it can be when you, your spouse and/or your child is sick.  I really want us to walk into this Christmas season with a laser like focus...because I believe this will be our best Christmas EVER!!!  

I would also ask you to please pray for our staff as well...our musicians, our campus pastors, Fuse staff, KidSpring staff...that we can all remain healthy and focused!!  We're all PUMPED...and want to be healthy!  :-)  

Thanks so much for taking the time to read through this...I love you guys, I love my church...the best is yet to come!!!

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