Sep 4, 2012

A Letter From Pastor P To NewSpring Church…

Howdy NewSpring Church, SEVEN things I want to share with you today…

#1 - This past Sunday at NewSpring was AWESOME as literally HUNDREDS of people signed up to take their next step through baptism…and we had over a dozen first time decisions for Christ, that NEVER GETS OLD!!!  If you have not been baptized since receiving Christ or you want more information about it/want to sign up you can go right here to get started.

#2 - Sunday’s Sermon Recap in Ten Tweets can be found right here.

#3 - DO NOT MISS SUNDAY!!!  We have a FIRST, a REALLY special surprise for our church that I am SUPER EXCITED ABOUT!!!

#4 - As I spoke about on Sunday…we cannot do life alone (remember, even Paul had to have someone help him take his next steps), with that in mind we are beginning a new series of home groups beginning in October that will be focused on the subject of why we should share Christ with our friends…and how to do it.  Go to our groups site for more info and to get signed up.

#5 - To say that I am excited about my upcoming book release would be an understatement.  We launched our pre-order campaign this past Sunday and are asking as many people as possible to go ahead and pre-order your copy of ”Unleash!”  (You can do so right here!)  You can purchase the book for ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY—however, in this particular “campaign” we would ask that you would consider being as generous as possible when purchasing your copy which will allow us to get this book into as many church leaders hands as possible.

(And, on a personal note, every dime of money earned on this book is going to NewSpring Church.  I believe that you cannot out give God…and that God always gets “the first!”  With that in mind Lucretia and I decided that since this book is my first published book that it belongs to NewSpring Church.  The money that I earn from the second book will go to feed starving children…mine!)  :-)

#6- If you believe you are called into ministry and want to work with some of the most amazing people on the planet in order to reach over 100,000 people with the GOOD NEWS of the GOSPEL then check out our jobs page right here and see if there is a listing that fits in with what you have feel called and equipped to do!

#7 -  That’s it for today…I LOVE MY CHURCH!!!

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