Jul 24, 2012

A Letter From Pastor P To NewSpring Church

Howdy NewSpring Church, FIVE Things I Wanna Share With You Today…

#1 - Sunday was amazing at every campus had the opportunity to hear from your campus pastor!!!  I am so proud of these men and the message that the Lord brought through them!!!  AND…80 people received CHRIST!!!  THAT NEVER GETS OLD!!!

#2 - I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS SUNDAY!!!  WOW!!!  I have not preached at our church for nine weeks…I’M PUMPED!!!  Might not sleep all week long!  We are starting a brand new series that day called “House Party!”  AND…we are giving away “I Heart My Church” T-shirts to everyone!!!  I REALLY DO LOVE MY CHURCH!!!

#3 - Keep us in prayer as we are at the Gauntlet all week this week…last night we began the week with ONE OF THE SINGLE MOST INCREDIBLE SERVICES I’VE EVER BEEN A PART OF IN MY LIFE!!!  We saw 112 students walk forward and, with hands raised in the air, confess Jesus as Lord, God, King & Savior.  I can’t even explain how electric the environment was…and as I walked off stage I kept thinking, “wow, this thing is just getting started!”  God isn’t just blessing a youth group down here but rather raising up a generation of students who understand that JESUS IS GREATER!

#4 - I cannot overemphasize how AWESOME we are believing our Nights of Worship are going to be on Friday, August 24 and Saturday, August 25.  (Details here!)  We are anticipating two of the largest worship gatherings that have ever taken place in our state…and we are also begging God to save 3,000 people on the following Sunday (August 26!)  You will be hearing more about this on Sunday (and…just in case you missed it, I’M REALLY PUMPED!)

#5 - I would love for you to stop by and say hello on Facebook sometime if you haven’t done so already (here is my site.)  

One more thing before I go.  When I say “I love my church” I mean it!!!  I have really enjoyed some time away and have been able to enjoy some GREAT time with Lucretia and Charisse.  I was able to disconnect and refresh.  I literally did not do any outside speaking or sermon preparation or anything.  AND…I can honestly say that I AM READY to dive back into this thing.  I believe with all my heart that the Lord has called us to reach 100,000 people for Christ…and I have NEVER been more convinced in my life that we are going to see that happen!

See you on Sunday!

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