Dec 26, 2007  |  Random

A Few Random “After Christmas” Things…

It’s been quiet in blog world this week—and this site is no exception.  I did want to chime in with a thought or two…

  • I am just now feeling normal again.  I have had a few people ask how it felt to preach six services—and I can’t really describe it…all that I know is that I was in a zombie like state all day yesterday (Christmas) and that I have slept a lot.  The last time I felt like this I think someone referred to it as “Senior Week!”  (Just being honest!)
  • AND…to top that off…I got some sort of stomach virus on Monday which REALLY bummed me out because I wasn’t able to fully enjoy Lucretia’s cooking on Christmas day.  :-(  BUT…today it began to feel better—which meant that I went to Chic-fil-a and got a milkshake!!!
  • Charisse had a great Christmas!  “Santa” brought her a rocking horse that sings a song…which was cute the first time I heard it…and the second time…but now that we are on the 184th singing of it I am beginning to be disturbed because…IT IS STUCK IN MY HEAD!!!  I have literally been singing it all afternoon!  AHHHHHHH!!!!
  • I went into the office for a few hours today and began refining the message for this coming Sunday.  I’m really excited about what we will be studying together…and the band is going to be doing the songs that you guys said were your favorite of the year!!!
  • I am excited about our new series we will be beginning on January 6th entitled, “Crank It Up!”  More on this later.
  • I found out today that I will be going to the Peach Bowl next Monday…YES!  Go Tigers!

That’s about it for now—maybe more posts this week—maybe not.  I do want to try to get a picture of Charisse with her singing horse!  I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas!

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