What If Your Church Members Gave Too Much Money?

Jul 19, 2017

What if your church members gave too much money to the church?

Have you ever had that happen? Me neither! And if you have had that happen, you might just be most spiritual or best leader I know!

Most of us have the opposite problem - it’s not that we have too much, it’s that we don’t have enough! Every church leader I know has struggled with needing more money to fund the vision and ministry God has called them to. As Ps. Brian Houston puts it, “There is always more vision than there is resource.”

But what if this isn’t the way God intended for it to be? What if God wanted to bless our churches - your church - with more money and resource than you knew what to do with? Seem impossible? I used to think so too…

...Until God used a specific passage of Scripture to reveal to me that it could be possible for the church to be filled with excessive generosity.

Not only do I want to share that particular passage of Scripture with you, but I also want to share the lessons God taught me that can be applied to your ministry so you can lead and build a generous culture no matter where you are!

All you have to do is sign up at and I’ll make sure you receive the emails I’ve written sharing the lessons I learned (don’t worry - it’s only a total of 4 emails, so you won’t be bombarded).

Regardless of the size or budget of your ministry, I really believe these principles will help you fulfill your vision and calling as a church or ministry, and I can’t wait to see the Kingdom impact that’s made!