What A Wife Should NEVER Do!

Mar 9, 2011

A wife should NEVER underestimate her influence in regards to speaking words of encouragement to her husband…


Ladies, believe it or not he both wants and needs to know that you believe in him.

And you cannot assume he knows it…because he doesn’t.  Trust me, he wrestles with thoughts of insecurity and often wonders what you think about him…

And your words have the power to lift him to levels that he’s never experienced.

Last week I was working on my book and, after hours and hours of writing I was SO discouraged.  Literally, I wanted to give up…to call my agent and tell him that I wasn’t going to write a book…EVER!  And…the more I focused on my perception of how bad it was the more the enemy used that to absolutely jump all over me.

I drove home feeling very defeated after what I would refer to as “a wasted day” and picked up Lucretia for our date night!  She asked how my day was and I told her of my horrible experience at attempting to write all day long…and that when I had completed my work I thought it was awful!

Honestly, I was in a pretty vulnerable position…and she took that opportunity to speak some very timely and encouraging words.  Seriously, what she had to say took her about 30 seconds…but when she was done I literally was ready to start writing again.  Why?  Because my wife, my bride, the person I value the most on the planet took time to encourage me and believe in me.  I got up the next morning at 5:00 and hit my writing project with an intensity like I’ve NEVER experienced when writing…it was awesome.

I know it is MUCH easier for a woman to pick out all of the “areas of improvement” for her husband; after all, if he would just do BLANK then he would be awesome, right?  And…how in the world will he know if he is or isn’t doing BLANK if you don’t tell him.  Believe me, I am NOT saying that there are not times for speaking the truth in love and for conversation focused on correction; however…

Ladies, you should NEVER underestimate your influence in regards to speaking words of encouragement to your husband.

Go ahead, try it, because when a man feels respected/believed in by his wife…it really does make a difference.