Unlimited Access

Jul 22, 2008

On Sunday night I was typing away in my office at home, trying to get ready for the trip that I am currently on with our High School students when Charisse, my daughter, walked into the room.

I will have to admit, I was in “a zone” and managing to get a lot accomplished.  I heard her stirring around over in the corner where she has a box of books and didn’t think anything of it…until…

I felt her tapping on my leg—when I looked down I saw her with her HUGE beautiful, blue eyes looking back and me…and she was holding a book.

Needless to say—I STOPPED what I was doing, put her in my lap and read to her.

After we were finished with the book she was content to get down and go on her way…and I got back to my work.

However, later on that evening I could not get what happened out of my head.  I felt the Lord saying to me, “Perry, that’s the way it is with you and me…you have unlimited access to Me, and anytime you want to talk I’m here…all you have to do is reach out for me.”

His message is the same for all of us.  God is NEVER too busy to spend time with us.  He’s closer than you think.

Just thought someone might need to read that today!