Sunday Night Reflections—Signs Of Life

Jun 10, 2007

There are signs of life all around my house…it is evident to any casual observer that something is about to happen around here—something that is going to bring ADDITIONAL LIFE.  It is undeniable, exciting—AND it is a bit scary as well.

I see the signs…AND I am experiencing them.  Saturday morning I woke up next to Lucretia and just spent some time lying next to her and feeling our child move around in her belly.  Please get that…OUR CHILD, NOT a “fetus,” not the “potential” for life…BUT Charisse Bella Noble…it was UNDENIABLE.

Some other signs that make it obvious that new life is heading our way are…

  • Her little Clemson cheerleader outfit hanging in her closet.  :-)  I could have swore I heard her say “Go Tigers” the other day!
  • The books on parenting that are all over the place.
  • The pacifier next to the kitchen sink, waiting to be washed.
  • The car seat in our living room.
  • A diaper genie in the corner of her room.
  • A mini-van in the garage.  (OK…that’s a lie—we didn’t buy a mini van!)

You get the point…anyone could walk through our house and could tell, “There is something going on here…there are two people living here—but I see the signs that more are on the way.”  It is all so obvious!

And the same is true with our church!

As I walked around today at NewSpring I saw signs of life…NOT just signs that life exists within our church, but also signs that something is going on that is going to cause ADDITIONAL LIFE among us.

You see…we are a part of the CHURCH—HIS CHURCH…not a country club with a steeple on top…not a holy huddle…but a church where people meet Christ, prodigals return home, those who have been excluded are now included and where Scripture has more value than Roberts Rules of Order.

We’ve seen so much happen—but the signs of life I experienced today are SO obvious that Jesus has SO MUCH MORE TO DO among us.  Such as…

  • The e-mail I received from a man telling me that we can take his name off the wall because he recently received Christ into His life.
  • The lady I spoke with this morning who said she started attending back in September…and was on the brink of “ending it all,” until God rocked her world through our church—and now she serves every week, is a part of a home group…and is on fire for Jesus.
  • The lady who was about to cry in the lobby…you see, her friend, a practicing witch, FINALLY agreed to come to church today after being invited every single week for four years.
  • The group of teenagers…all 400+ of them…who are PUMPED about going to Panama City Beach for a week to learn more about Jesus.
  • The folks from Greenville BUZZ with excitement about the fact that we are launching a satellite campus over there next year.
  • We continue to outgrow our current children’s facility…and so plans are just about complete on a building that will allow us to reach more kids every Sunday.
  • We have just about outgrown our new youth facility already…and so plans are being made to put them a new facility on site.

I could go on and on…story after story of changed lives…folks, there’s some awesome stuff going on around here…AND…


Jesus said in Scripture that to whom much is given, much is required.  He has given us so much—and so what do you think He is going to require of us next?

I am telling you that this is THE MOST EXCITING TIME in the history of the world to be doing ministry…and there is no place on the planet that I would rather do it than here at NewSpring.  We are in the middle of a God thing—and the signs are obvious—SOMETHING HUGE IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN!

The signs of life are obvious!  I am both seeing and experiencing them.  The fact that God is at work here in UNDENIABLE…it is exciting.  He’s taking us places that we’ve never been—and I can’t wait to see what happens next.