Sunday Night Reflections…And Zac!

It was a great day today at NewSpring Church…we saw hundreds of people step up and commit to becoming a member of the church…and lots of other members step up and say, “it’s time to get involved” as we examined the first four chapters of the book of Esther.

It was “one of those messages” in which I really felt led to challenge the church to step up and embrace who God has called us to be and what HE has called us to do.

It seems in today’s society that everyone wants to crawl in bed with the church…but not many people actually want to commit to her.  AND…I could go on and on about the service today…but you can watch it later on this week OR download the podcast on Tuesday.  Because…

At 3:24 this afternoon I received a text from Shane Duffey, our creative arts pastor, that simply said, “Zac has died.”  (Many of you will remember Zac from the video below that we showed at NewSpring Church 12 weeks ago today.)

Zac has been healed…which is a relief to those of us who have watched him suffer these past twelve weeks.  We ALL hate to lose him…and we will shed many tears and he will be missed; however, we are also rejoicing at the fact that He is now with Jesus and is experiencing HIS presence in ways that none of us could ever imagine.

I would ask you to please keep Mandy, his wife, in your prayers…as well as their children Luke, Jake and Lizzy.  AND I will keep everyone posted as to when Zac’s memorial service will take place.  One of his requests to me was that we live stream this service so that his friends from all over the world (literally) could participate.

Also…here is a link to his blog...I encourage you to read through his writings some time this week…he knew what was in his body, he knew pain and suffering in ways many of us will never know…but He KNEW JESUS, and THAT was the difference maker!!!

”...God is still good…to God be the glory!”  Zac Smith