Pastor P

Sunday Night Reflections…

Jun 6, 2010

A GREAT day here at NewSpring Church…here are a few thoughts…

  • I honestly believe if men would prioritize being men of God, husbands and fathers…that MOST of the problems that dominate the family would be eliminated.
  • Being a husband and a father are two of the most challenging things I’ve EVER done in my life!  God is CONSTANTLY refining me through this process.
  • Maintaining a great marriage and raising godly children takes work…LOTS of hard work…but the Scriptures are SO clear as to how we are supposed to do this.  I’m so glad God didn’t leave it to me to figure it all out!
  • QUICK advice for singles…if he/she is lazy now…their laziness will MULTIPLY after MARRIAGE…never date/marry someone that isn’t willing to make an effort to make the relationship the best it possibly can be!
  • BTW…most people don’t actually have marriage problems…they have JESUS problems!!!  We can’t truly have a Christ - centered marriage until we are completely submitted to Him!
  • Clayton King preached the best message on the family I’ve ever heard…wow!  So honored that he serves here as our teaching pastor.  (You can click on the link and get a copy of his new book!)
  • His challenge to men to practice self control was VERY convicting challenging and convicting!
  • AND…him talking about how kids simply mirror their parents behavior was a GREAT reminder for all parents to hear.\\
  • “Men need to be quick to say that they are sorry…and women need to be quick to let it go and extend forgiveness.”
  • Clayton admitted today in the service that he has been doing yoga…his man card has officially been suspended and you should pray for him!
  • Parents are to be their children’s boss…not their friend.
  • Clayton mentioned the book, “The Five Love Languages” today in his message - here is the link if you want is one of the best books I’ve ever read on relationships…I HIGHLY recommend it.
  • We should make it a habit of studying our spouse!!
  • IF you are single…I would not miss a single week of this series…it is SO WISE to prepare BEFORE marriage as opposed to constantly trying to repair during marriage.
  • Are the Braves REALLY in first place in their division?  Sorry…that was random…but I am sort of in shock!
  • REALLY excited about the Gauntlet getting closer…it’s going to be an AMAZING week!
  • Parents…June 27th is the deadline to sign your students up for the Gauntlet…here’s the link...TRUST ME, it’s the BEST $250 you could invest in the life of your child!!!
  • It looks like “Unleash in the UK” is really going to happen next year…so excited about this!
  • We’re getting more and more excited about our Leadership Conference here in September…honored to have Mark Driscoll, Steven Furtick, Francis Chan, Jud Wilhite and Judah Smith here at NewSpring Church that day…can’t WAIT to learn from these great men of God - here is the link if you want to sign up before the early bird deadline!
  • We recorded our leadership podcast for the month of June this afternoon…had a BLAST doing that…looking forward to releasing it later on this month.

That’s all for now…REALLY looking forward to the rest of this series.  I believe there is SO much hope and potential for the family…and if we sill simply submit to the Scriptures and seek God’s direction…we can see the family make a comeback in our society!