Pastor P

Sunday Night Reflections

Nov 15, 2009

A few thoughts on an amazing day…

  • Not to sound like a broken record or anything…but saw LOTS of people surrender their lives to Jesus today…THAT never gets old!
  • Today’s message was specifically targeted to single ladies…but saw lots of men respond to the invitiation to give their lives to Christ…love how the Holy Spirit works!!!
  • REALLY excited about Lucretia, my wife, joining me on stage next week for a Q & A with every service as people text in their questions.
  • BTW…we are doing this LIVE at the 4:00 service in Anderson…so…if you REALLY want your question answered that will be the service to attend!  :-)
  • Columbia campus SHATTERED their previous attendance record today…they had 667 people show up…DANG!!!  So pumped about what God is doing down there.
  • Single dudes…look at her character, not her curves!!!  Proverbs 31:10-11
  • Love for her intimacy with God…and not just the information she knows about Him!
  • ANYTIME I talk about the way women dress it gets tense in the room…and today was NO exception!
  • What I said about the way women dress @ the gym is true…you can tell whether they are there to work out OR whether they are there b/c they want to get worked out by the way they dress!
  • You can tell a woman’s character by how she speaks about other people…especially other women!
  • ALL single ladies need a “Plan Without A Man!”
  • Single ladies…when you love Jesus deeply, follow Him passionately and pursue His plan for your life…YOU ARE INTIMIDATING!
  • Ecclesiastes 3:11 - ladies…IN HIS TIME!!!  He brought Eve into Adam’s presence when she knew HIM…to bypass God and move to a dating relationship/marriage is insanity.
  • For those who wanted me to post Lucretia’s question…here it is…“Is this the kind of love God meant when He created Adam and Eve, the kind between two people that truly reflects His love for us (the I Corinthians 13 kind), or are you settling for less than God’s immeasurably more than anything you can ask or imagine?”
  • Single ladies…God will never lead you to compromise, and compromise always begins when we question God’s Word.
  • If the dude doesn’t love Jesus and isn’t on a trajectory that is taking Him closer to Jesus…then dating/“hanging out” with him is NOT going to result in what is best.
  • Jesus doesn’t need you to save Him…in fact, it may take you getting OUT of the way for him to be saved.
  • When you focus on what you do not have (a relationship) more than you focus on Jesus and His Word…the result is usually compromise.
  • AND…YOU DO NOT HAVE TO COMPROMISE…EVER!!!  If I could sit down face to face with every single girl I would say the same thing…WAIT for God’s best…it’s worth it.
  • We ended the 11:15, 4:00 and 6:00 with THIS CLIP by Matt Chandler!!!  For the lady who “has a past” me, you should watch this!!!
  • THANK YOU to EVERYONE at EVERY CAMPUS that participated in our FOOD DRIVE today!!!  WOW…HUNDREDS of turkeys and THOUSANDS of pounds of food were donated to local food panteries to assist with Thanksgiving meals!  I LOVE IT when our church steps up BIG TIME and displays to the commnunity that we care…generosity is ALWAYS a demonstration of Jesus’ love!!!

That’s about it for now…except for a few challenges to EVERYONE who attends NewSpring…

  • If you will…PRAY for our services this coming Sunday EVERY DAY this week…we’ve never tried anything like this.
  • PRAY for our team that leaves for Kenya this Thursday…that they will see a harvest of salvation!!!
  • (BTW…there is STILL ROOM for our February trip if you are interested…go here to sign up!)
  • INVITE someone to church this week…seriously…step out of your comfort zone and do it!!!  AND…
  • Be generous to someone this week…seriously…just do it!  Give the server @ the restaurant a HUGE TIP…pay for the person’s meal in the drive thru behind you…WHATEVER…and, if you do…let me know about it on Twitter…I would love to celebrate with you!