Singleness, Sex and Dating

May 1, 2015

According to some stats I just googled, 50.2% of Americans are single.  (I’m not the smartest man in the world…but that’s just a little more than half.) 

Some people are waiting longer to get married. 

Others saw their parents in such a messed up marriage they decided that it’s just not worth it. 

And still others wish they could get married, but the dating process seems to be so confusing. 

If you are single, please understand that singleness is not a sickness but rather a season The Lord has given you to draw you close to Him and prepare your heart for you to be an amazing spouse for someone else. 

  • So when should you date? 
  • How do you know when to stop dating? 
  • How far is “too far” physically? 

There are lots and lots of questions like this about singleness, sex and dating.  I've answered a lot of them in my book, but also, over the last year we've answered a lot of questions y'all submitted on my podcast (you can check those episodes out here).  We'll be recording new podcasts up through and for the few months after the release of the book so you can still submit your's.  (Here is the link to submit a question).