Seven Reasons I Have A Hard Time Trusting God

May 27, 2015

#1 - Something happened to us in our past that has caused us to say, "if God loves me, then how can He have let this happen to me?"  

#2 - Our circumstances in life are nowhere near where we thought they would be--in spite of us trying to do the right thing.  

#3 - Someone who claimed to be a Christian really hurt us at some point, and we think if that's what God is like- so we want no part of it.  

#4 - We are control freaks - and fully surrendering our lives to Jesus is something we can't quite seem to do.  

#5 - We believe that God is a taker and not a giver.  (Despite what John 3:16 says!)  

#6 - We do not believe that His ways really are greater than our ways (Isaiah 55:8-9). 

#7 - We want Jesus to be a part of our lives, but to fully surrender to Him would mean we may need to make changes...which is not something we really want to do.  

This Sunday at NewSpring I am preaching about the fact that many times we doubt whether or not we can trust God with EVERYTHING.  

If you have ever had a hard time really trusting Him--then you do not want to miss this weekend!!!