Save $100 Off Any Of Our Coaching Resources—Today Only

Nov 14, 2018

We are having a one day sale at The Growth Company - for today (Wednesday, November 14) only - you take save $100 on any of our three resources we have.  

#1 - Getting Better At Preaching (normally $199 - but TODAY = $99!)  Use code "double18" at checkout

This  resource will give our Pastors instant access to the following:        

  • 7 content-packed teaching videos from Perry Noble
  • Expanded Getting Better at Preaching 50-page ebook
  • Getting Better at Preaching audiobook narrated by Perry Noble
  • Plus, an hour-long video interview on preaching with Pastor Steven Furtick from Elevation Church

#2 - Building A Generous Culture of Giving In Your Church (normally $149 - but TODAY = $49)   Use code "double18" at checkout

This video coaching series outlines the following:    

  • A strategy for growing your budget immediately.
  • Developing a long-term strategy to build a generous church culture.
  • Resources to help you succeed in your preaching and communication about giving.
  • 5 fears associated with preaching on giving, and how to overcome them.
  • A theological outline to help you unleash your people from financial bondage to financial and spiritual freedom.

#3 - Leadership Coaching 101 (the most content I've ever put into a video series - normally $249 - but today = $149)   Use code "double18" at checkout

This is not a series of theories. Its practical, easy to implement information that will guarantee GROWTH in your church. 

  • How to take POTENTIAL and turn it into a PLAN
  • How to create a strategic marketing plan
  • How to leverage social media and the internet to promote your ministry/church.
  • How to create a generous, healthy and connected culture.
  • Leading and leveraging volunteers.
  • How to handle the critics
  • Creating a strategic sermon calendar for a year's worth of sermons.
  • A plan for small groups that work

Like I said earlier - this deal is good for today only - don't miss out on taking your leadership to the next level.  

Once again - in order to receive the discount -  Use code "double18" at checkout